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I really want to take advantage of all the power I can get for the least amount of cash. I am starting the tune up / hop up process and hope tp be as focused on results as opposed to hype. What works, what has not lived up to it promise and what has failed to deliver?? So far the only thing I have and still haven't installed yet is the jd jets and needle.

well the stock exhaust sucks on that thing. it isnt free but that is your best bet. You can cut the airbox, remove the screen, cut the grey wire, add power now, pull the restrictor, use jd needles but none of those things will give you as much power as you will get from buying a new pipe.

New pipe for sure!

You don't really need a full sustem, a slip on muffler will do. There is heaps available

to suit any budget.

Your jetting kit will only make a mild improvement if you haven't done the "free" mods yet.

Trust me and get a pipe!

My vote is for an FMF Powercore 4 SA or a Yoshimura TRC-Comp :banghead: ...SC

I have a yoshimura trc comp, its a great pipe and it really made a difference!! sounds good too :banghead:

I'v also rejetted carb and cut air box. Since my bike is an european model there is no throttle stop and cutting the grey wire has no effect.

Only thing is that I have problems getting it tuned right at mid register... Think I have to change the needle. Have heard that using the yzf needle will solve this "problem"...?? Anyone who knows?

Well it is a start, Doing lots of reserching this am ( dogs woke me up ) and have ordered the Big gun evo slip on as well as 13 tooth counter and a 51 tooth rear-- I really don't need a ton of top end speed. The evo is supposed to be quiet and that is important to me as well as the rest of us.

Cutting the gray does what?? Where is restictor?? Any and all feedback is being checked out and thanks for all the help...

Maybe the title should have read BANG FOR THE BUCK

if you havent removed your throttle stop, and your grey wire, then you dont even know what your bike is capable of.

A 13 and a 51! that bike is going to flat out rip

I was doing the search and found a 2003 wr 450 project bike. The t?rottle stop part number, gray wire purpose, airbox fit was all in it. Did anybody ever have a problem with the woodruff key?

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