2006 YZ450F Pics -- Stefan Everts

Ran across these......the 450 is alive! :banghead:

I put the links here because they are BIG pictures... :banghead:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

They are close.............I feel it.....I can not wait- a few more weeks :banghead:


Man, That bike is going to be awsome! I might have to get myself one :banghead:

looks like they borrowed a little from ktm with the new number plate shape

Yeah I noticed that front number plate as well. oh well it still looks bad to the bone...I will wait for a couple of years though as I am still enjoying my 05

nice pics, thanks :banghead:

Good Job on the pics mate

what's w/ the brown grips in the 1st pic?

Stefan is happy in those pics must mean another World Championship is waiting for him. :banghead:

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