wr426 fork oil seals

is changing the fork seals a difficult job,i havn`t worked on a bike for 20 years so i`m not sure about the new technology any advice would be great i`m in newport south wales uk

I have the same question. The seals on my 02 just started to leak and I am thinking about trying to do it myself. I have already pulled the dust seal and used a film negative to clean the crap out but they are still leaking. I have done a search on this topic and have found that I can make a fork seal driver out of 2" or 2 1/2" PVC. Hopefully others will chime in with their ideas on how to do this without paying a shop.

OK here we go It is a reasonadly easy job with the right tools.In the adsense of these you need to do the following: After stripping legs and removing old seals which is just nuts and bolts you need to put new seals on legs this is where the problem is they tend to want to turn the lip inside out as they go over the recess in the stantion for the collar If you wrap a layer of insulating tape around this collar to eliminate the step it is easier then give the leg and seal a good oiling with fork oil and it should slip over.

When you replace stantion in the upper leg slide seal up to the recess and tap in carefully with a BLUNT punch working all the way round gradually again using lavish amounts of fork oil. The ideal way is the proper tools but they are not cheap or easy to get.Hope this helps

well that sounds easy enough i`ll give it a go thanks for the tips. :banghead:

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