Title trouble - Michigan

I took my police inspection sheet, old title, and insurance card in and walked out with a plate in about 7 minutes.

Here is the question. She put the paperwork through, but she said that I "might" get the title kicked back since I didn't bring recipts showing the purchase of conversion pieces.

Has anyone else gotten that request in Michigan?

Long story short after talking to 3 different people I was told to have a green sheet, a circumstances statement and a title if possible or either origin or state title. I went to the SOS and the person gave me grief and asked me if this was a moped after explaining to her this was a 600cc dirt bike she then asked me if it was a scooter. I said NOOO this was a dirtbike that I have made road legal(see greensheet). She talked to another person who knew what they were doing and processed my paperwork. The person who asked me if this was a scooter was still unsure that the state would issue me a title. 9 days later I recieved my title and the week I recieved my title I got my plate. so if you get grief keep talking and you will get someone who knows what they are doing. If the title search comes up clean and not stolen you should get your title.

If you got the plate you will get the title. :banghead: They did not even ask me for any prices for the parts. :banghead: I never saw a green sheet :lol: Trust me you will get your title. :busted:

yeah.....you just gotta try a couple different people........why the hell are there so many threads on titles in michigan?

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