Suspension Setup help

I almost posted this in the suspension forum but I was afraid I'd get a generic response. My question is, I bought a 99 YZ400 and the suspension is great, mostly. I think the rebound is set too fast and the dampening a little light. How can I adjust these? there are 3 screws on each fork leg, one on top in the center, on on top offest to the front and one on the bottom, I did a little searching and found nothing that satisfied me in either this or the suspension forums. Any help is appreciated

The one in the center and top of the fork cap is the rebound. The one that is offset next to the rebound adjuster is the air bleed screw. The bottom fork adjuster is the compression.

To simplify the terminology, screwing the adjusters in or clockwise, will make that particular function slower to perform. Screwing them out or counter clockwise will speed that function up.

An example would be, if you screw the rebound screw in, it will slow the rebound down. Screw it out and it speeds it up. Same goes with compression.

The air bleed screw should be unscrewed after each ride to let any air build up escape from the fork tube. You don't have to remove it, just unscrew it and listen for the air escaping then re tighten.

When bleeding the air, keep the bike on stand with the front wheel off the ground.

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