My Free XR...

A guy gave this to me. It was in Four boxes.

Ive got right at $280 bucks in it total, including the registration, transfer taxes and new plate.




Check out that muffler! Is that the wierdest lookin thing youve ever seen or what? Looks like an aluminum bat sticking out there....

Its got a Krisman sparky on the end. And its all aluminum...It doesnt weigh much, but it sure is ugly...

That tank bags

It should be shot ya know....... :banghead:

I think ya did real good ... hopefully, it still runs OK, its hard to beat a cheap bike that you can have FUN on :banghead:

That is freaking cool man! I wish I could find a deal like that!! Good score man :banghead:

dude, i thought that was an aluminum bat just moded a little bit. awsome work, A+++ for you.

makes me want to finish up my XR 500R project and get it running ASAP...

Nice score. I had the same bike and loved it. This was my first bike after getting back into the sport with a 25 year hiatus. I've sold it since and moved up to modern day bikes, but that thing was a hoot to ride. :banghead:

I had an 83 XL600 brand new back in the day. Its amazing how much this bike feels like that one. I just did a big ole wheelie down the street to dazzle the kids in the hood...ya know, at 43+ years old, you'd think you'd out grow stupid shit like that...

Its freaky how good the thing runs. Although it does do one very wierd thing.

When you go to lock with the bars to the left and let thunk down on the steering stop, it kills the motor. I was thinking obviously its gotta be the kill button shorting out...but Not only is it not the kill button, its not electrical at all....

Im going to put up another thread on this...

That bike is very clean for being free. You scored on that one.

White Brothers used to make a megaphone pipe similar style to that one for my XR, but it wasnt quite so ugly. It did look weird sticking out almost even with the back of the fender though.

Compression release cable may be too tight and gets pulled when you turn.

Compression release cable may be too tight and gets pulled when you turn.

That's my guess too.

Great find!! :banghead:

I once got a 1980 XL250S for free. It had been broken in half, sat for three years, then was going to be thrown away until I came along and rescued it. It took me a few hours to put it back together. I took it down to the Honda shop in Reno, NV, where Richard Thorwaldson welded it back together for me, for $40.00!! I gave it a new 6volt battery, mirrors and grips.

Must have been a fun project. Good job. Why was it all torn apart? Doesn't sound like you had to buy much.

The guy that had it tore it all apart because it had a huge oil leak and he thought he had to split the cases to fix it. All it turned out to be were the o rings where the oil lines plug into the engine. Cost me 24 cents for a pair of new o rings. I bought the headlight assmebly new, cost me $53 bucks. I bought a brake light switch ($6) and the dual element tailight assembly ($29) and the mirror perch adapter ($16) for the clutch lever and a mirror ($7) and that's it. I was pretty surprised as I went through the boxes and found every single piece except one single nut for a motor mount bolt.

There's some stuff it could use..rear tire...a decent chain...I got some new wheel bearings for it off ebay for 16 bucks...the rears are done...the wheel actually wobbles on the bearings..which feels really wierd while your riding a flat tire...its fun little thing to play with in the garage though ...

My CRF is freakin useless for tinkering...the thing doesnt need anything but oil changes and filter cleanings...

Bazooka pipe is kinda gay, but what a smokin deal.

Bazooka pipe is kinda gay, but what a smokin deal.

Ya...I hate that pipe...Ive been scouring ebay looking for Supertrapp or something. But I hate the way the Supertraps sound. And they stain the fender with soot...

XR's only has a nice pipe, but Im having a huge problem with buying a $280 dollar pipe for a $280 dollar bike :banghead:

Sweet bike! The exhaust and tank bag need to go but I love older XR's.

Wow, I would love to get my hands on a decent "project bike"

(I mean... besides my 650L... which will always be an ongoing project im sure.)


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