My Free XR...

you should race it in the "evolution class" in the big 6 gran prix series.

i've been waiting for an old xr to fall out of the sky so i can race it in the evo class.

I bought a couple of these closeout cheapo rear dualsport tires, good fun for cheap about 16.00 a tire shipped to the door (M858802 410X18 CS C858 DUAL SPORT 4P TT $6.23 )

Damn thats a cheap tire :banghead:

Too bad its too'd look pretty funky with that little tire on the back :lol:

I'll probably pick up the 4.60X18..its only 35 bucks from most places...I should prolly pick up the front too...

Ive got half a mind to supermoto the thing...It needs rims anyway...I can put a pair 17's on there just as easy as anything else...and then some Pirelli dragons or something...I know, I'll throw some Dunlop 208s at it :busted:

Good lord, I think Ive lost my mind :banghead:

watch ebay, you should be able to pick up a muffler pretty cheap and better looking than the one you got.

Great looking bike!!!!! great price.

Wow, I would love to get my hands on a decent "project bike"

(I mean... besides my 650L... which will always be an ongoing project im sure.)


I've got one I'll sell ya... its an 83 or 84 XL-500 in pieces that I don't think I'll ever have the time to put together.

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