Right Side Hot Start

I just put some new Pro Tapers on that are about an inch wider than the previous bars. Combined with the SUB mount, all my cables are tight. I can loosen my throttle with a little rerouting, but my Hot Start is a no go on the left side. I'm thinking about getting the Dr. D or Ride Engineering lever that relocates it to the right side and wanted to get some opinions before I take the plunge. Lemme know what y'all think :banghead: or :banghead: ...SC

I moved mine to the right side 2 1/2 years ago out of nessessity. I had put a mirror bracket on the left side so I had to move it. It also keeps you from turning the throttle when you're trying to start it because your thumb is on the starter button and your first two fingers are pulling the hot start lever. That doesn't leave many fingers to twist the throttle. The best part is it bolts right onto the front brake perch as the back half of the clamp.


I tried just swapping the OEM brackets over and they don't work...the hot start lever hits the front brake lever, not allowing the bracket to match up to the perch. I've got a temporary fix going by sliding the clutch lever in closer to the center of the bars, but I'm not too keen on the feel. I looked at the Ride Engineering hot start but it looks like it'll hit the start button due to its top side mounting style. The Dr.D won't have that issue, but it hangs underneath the throttle which I've heard is really great for your knee.



I've also got another problem...at full lock to the left, my throttle cables are having issues. Who makes longer throttle cables? As always, gracias...SC

Mine's older, but I relocated from the carb to center of handlebars usinf the motion from remote HS Runing renthal Fat Bars

I found the perfect one made by ASV. It's just a replacement clamp for the master cylinder with the hot start lever on top. Unlike the Ride Engineering version, it clears the e-start button no problem and has the teflon insert for impact rotation. Not cheap, $53, but it's better than having a hanging idle due to a stuck hot start...SC




Please can you keep us (me) informed of any further problems and solutions. I am looking at getting this setup for my 04 WR450.


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