426 service manual

I have a 2000 426, bought it used, no manual of any type. Found a 2002 YZ426 FP manual for 6 bucks. Is there any huge diffrences with information I should know about? I am REAL new to bikes, this is my first. Great forum! Regards, Craig

If I'm not mistaken, the exhaust valve clearance is different. The '01-'02 has titanium valves, and the '00 has stainless steel. The intakes are the same (.10-.15mm), but I believe the exhausts are .25-.30mm (ti valved 426S and 450's use .20-25mm). If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

Otherwise, the balancer shaft drive gear is secured on the crank by a straight key, whereas the later ones have splines. If you ever start hearing a rattling/knocking coming from that area, check the key as soon as you can.

Nothing else comes immediately to mind.

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