Damn. Stripped a screw in my carb...help.

Enjoying my saturday, cleaned my boat, started uncorking the pig...and halfway through disaster struck.

I just removed the top cover of the carb on my way to removing that screw on the linkage so i could pull out the slide to install the new needle, well that screw on the linkage stripped :banghead:

So here I am with a disassembled bike, I'd like to get it back together ASAP.

Any tips on getting that screw out and putting another screw in?

Also any tips on drilling out the exhaust? I am using a 2" hole with my drill and using oil, but it's taking a while.

Get a small vice grip wrench and clamp it on the screw head and twist it out. If it is really tight clearance they make small needle nose vice grips. If I remember right it should be pretty much in the open.

The 2" hole saw should do the job. It really didn't require much effort last time I drilled one out. Make sure you don't have the drill turned on reverse cause that would take a long time. :banghead:

Go to your local hardware store and buy some easy outs. Should come out slicker than mule sh*t. Or try a Dremel and put a line through the head of the screw and use a flathead to remove it. jmho.

tie your bike down in your truck when you're drilling out the exhaust.

Did the same thing, got it out with needle nose vise grips,went to a cycle salvage got screw out of an old junk carb,free

I put in allen head cap screws.

I dont like those phillips head ones.

Then you can use a ball-driver and get better access if you need to disassemble when on the bike.

I got the cap screws at OSH.


Finally got that bitch out with needle nose vice and regular vice clamped on the needle nose with mucho liquid wrench->quite the contraption.

I'll post pics of the screw, it's about as mangled as I can imagine. Thanks for the help guys.

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