YZ450F '05' vs WR450F '03' on the weekend

Just thought I'd post a few comparisons I found on the weekend after riding my mates '03' WR450F. It has a YZ pipe and jetting but other than that its stock. My bike is a YZ450F '05' and is stock apart from a heavier flywheel. Apart from the obvious suspension/handling setups of the two bikes the power is what I was really interested in. We lined up straight line runs from standing starts and surprisingly enough he was still beside me at the end. I was usually a half a bike length but this was cause I got a better start. I know he has the 5 speed as opposed to my 4. I also weigh around 20 kilos heavier. This really shocked me, but after swapping bikes and doing all over again I found the trick, he was shifting lower in the rev range (where all the WR's power is much the same as the YZ) Wheras the YZ's power keeps pulling from mid to top, the WR is really soft up top. Any comments on similar experiences............

i went from a 04 wr450 to a 05 yz450, i geared the yz 13/52(which put the yz 1st just below the wr 2nd with the same sprockets) i run a rekluse so the taller 1st works well, the gear spacing on the yz is perfect for the tight woods i ride. also the faster primary gear lessens the compression braking considerably. i can't say that the yz is quicker than my modified wr but the higher rpm range on the yz allows longer runs in one gear(less pecking and hunting for the right gear) and the lack of explosive bottom on the yz is a plus in the slippery stuff. to me this all makes the yz easier to ride in my conditions. easier = faster :banghead:

Hey Bob, there's an '05 YZ450 for sale at a dealership in Hendersonville. It had only two rides on it and the guy traded it back in. It looks brand new. They want $4500. If I wasn't already happy with my 426 and the 450 was a 5speed, I'd concider it.

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