husaberg 650fe

Hi everyone, I've the opportunity to buy a 2005 Husaberg 650fe I know it's a great bike with a lot of power and it's realy what I've been looking for. The only thing that make me wonder it's the maintenance. I heard that those bike need more maintenance than the other.

so what do you guys think. If I dont buy that bike I will buy a KTM625 sm


What is "the other"? If they mean more maintenance than an XR400 then yeah. If they mean more maintenance than a KTM, Husky, or whatever other enduro bike, then nope. Oil change every 500k and you're fine :banghead:

The KTM 625sxc is a road/trail and is heavier and so forth. It could get by with somewhat less maintenance than a KTM EXC could - you gotta compare apples with apples :banghead:

OK I should have been more clear, by the other I mean mostly KTM 625smc and 640LC4 .I dont know much about Husaberg it was the first time I saw one and man I like it this bike is awesome but I'd like to know more about it prior to buying it.Thanks

anybody else???Please

the maintenance on a KTM or the Husa is going to be about the same.oil changes a little bit more than a Honda. not a big deal . if i was you i would go with the 1 you like best.

Mine are you on Vancouver Island? If yes I know the bike your talking about and it's a fs650e and I tryed it it's a great bike and lots of power.

Yes it's the same bike that you've tried. I know it has a lot of power, it's an awesome bike. But I'm not quite sure it's the perfect bike for me. I dont have a lot of mechanical skill so I may go for something that doesn't required too much maintenance. But Your right it does have a lot of power.

I have an 04 fs650 (which is pretty much the same) and it rocks. It really depends what you want from a bike(I assume that since you can pay you can play). For a super bad-ass track or backroad bike there are few that can match it. In traffic it sucks(unless you can split lanes where you live). As to maintenance/reliability the thing is pretty easy. Yah you may need to change the oil every 5-10 hrs but it only holds 1 ltr, it's a race bike (unless you can register it, I did!). As to the valves I did an adjustment at 500 miles and haven't had to touch them(currently 1400miles/56hrs, 11 of those being track time). Other than that it is exactly one of the most absurd things(in a good way) ever manufactured. I mean think about it, it's a bike on par with any exotic whatever, just look at the locaton of the ignition key.


The guy showed me cpl things on the bike and for the valves it look prety easy to check and for the adjustment well the bike got 1800 km witch is 1125 mi and he told me he didn't need to adjust it yet.

Mine you say that you don't have lots of mechanical skills but from what I understand you don't really need much for the usual maint. on that bike. But if your not buying the bike I will probably if the numbers are moving my way. The dealership would take my drzsm in trade in but for only 6k and the bike is only 2 month old so for now I'm not buying I'm waiting for the 06.

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