Q for thumper bar riser users...

I have been riding with the 1 1/2 in Thumper Bar Risers with stock bars for a while. I want to switch to after market bars like the CR or Jimmy Buttons. My fear is that with the bar risers, the bars will be too high. Do I need to switch to high bars and toss the risers, or is it better to get standard bars with the risers?


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Depends on how tall you are. If you're 5'10" to 6'2" perhaps with the JB's I would toss the risers. Or keep the risers and get normal bend bars. If you're taller than 6'3" perhaps both. Those jimmy buttons are pretty darn high!

I use the TAG T5 CR double high bend w/ the stock mounts turned upside down to raise them about .75". 6'2" perfect blend for me.

Good luck!

I run the 1.5" riser and Jimmy Buttons high bend, I am 6'3" and like the set up, it allows me to stand up and ride with out being half bent over and tiring myself out, it takes some getting used to but feel it allows me to ride more comfortably and aggresively. If your tall go for it.

Shrimps need not apply or it will feel like your riding with Ape Hanger bars

Ditto T.O.P

I'm 6'4" and run the 1.5" risers with Enduro Hi ProTapers - I wouldn't mind a little more height. I'm just too cheap to buy another set of bars.....


6'6" and run CR Hi ProTapers with the 1 1/2" risers. Actually I could go taller but there is nothing and my cables are screaming for mercy as is.

Why not go ahead and get the Jimmy Buttons, try it on the 1 1/2's and if you dont like it buy the 1" risers from Thumper and Im sure someone on here would give you a fair price for your 1 1/2's.


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I'm 5'10....well 5'9 now I'm old and I'm melting....and well....Hell I want cocktail sauce with my SHRIMP Thank You!

Bonzai... :)

I couldn't turn with the bars in the stock location.... My reference frame ain't so good :)


I appreciate the responses. I am 6'2" and really like the added height I got with the risers. You guys that run the highs and risers, is there any difference in the handling of the bike with the bars being sooo high? I feel like the higher I go, I might be changing my ability to turn. Whats your take on this??

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