FMF PB header & Factory IV will not seal

Just got a factory iv silencer to use for closed course use. Problem is the Factory iv is flanged, unlike my 'Q' silencer. The Q has a very tight fit over the header as where the factory iv is sloppy and will not properly seal. Should it have come with a spacer to take up the gap space? And why the hell is the logo on the wrong side on the pipe? Damn logo is facing towards my left leg rather than towards the right.......

Take the header and mid pipe to a good muffler shop and ask them to expand te exit of the header to be a semi-snug slip fit to the midpipe.

Don't have a suggestion about the logo, but I can tell you that after the whole thing turns blue, you can't see it anyway.

Yeah.... I was thinking about that also. I'd also have to have my 'Q' silencer expanded also so all three items fit properly. Funny how all three items are FMF products specifically for my bike, but they dont all match. Actually, the factory iv is the oddball cause the Q fits perfect on the stock header or the PB header.

Have I mentioned how loud that SOB is?!?!?!? It's as loud as my old DSP Ti open system was and that was borderline funny car decibles. Glad I got the Q too!

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