Moose or JD jet kit?

What's better Moose or JD jet kit?



Jd's :banghead:

I have no experience with the Moose kit, but I purchased a JD kit for my bike. One thing that is nice about JD is his customer service. He replies quickly and in detail to e-mails. I intend to buy another one of his kits for our RMZ. :banghead:

I don't have any experience with the Moose kit but I can tell you that JD makes a quality product and offers great support. I have never waited more then 24hrs. for a responce to a question. My buddy was so impressed with the results for my 02 YZ426 that he purchased two of JD's kits for his and his sons 04 YZ250F's. To me, the JD kit is a sure thing. :banghead:

not familiar with Moose's kit, but I run the JD in both my WR and YZ, and it's more fouled plugs. :banghead:

Thanks all, I ordered the JD Jet kit from TT today.


JD is also a moderator in the jetting forum. His time and contributions deserve our business. Not to mention he responds to questions quickly.

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