FMF megabomb pipe header

I was thinking about getting the megabomb header by FMF and putting it on my 450 with the stock pipe.It looks sweet but was wandering if there is a noticable power gain as fmf claims.

what is the power gain that fmf claims??????

I was going to put the mega bomb header on my 450, but instead went with the power bomb. Loads of bottom end and every gear feels like it pulls forever. I'm not sure about the mega bomb headers power difference i think it's just suppose to lower the db and probably the same power as the power bomb.

Look I have weighed in on every thread here lately in regards to pipes, so I here I go again. The best pipe for awesome power gains is the Jardine RT-4, hands down it takes on all comers and beats the shit outta of 'em period. At 6500 rpm you'd better hold on, no joke I researched them all, and the one concensus was always overwhelmingly the RT-4.

i have the powerbomb on mine ,crushed the stock one.i dont really feel any huge difference.the throttle response is definatly crisper.imo the megabomb is a lot of cash to spend for a little power,but it is cool looking.

The MegaBomb is *supposed* to give a boost in midrange, but I know it is designed to deaden sound output above all else. FMF claims it lowers sound by 1.5db.

It takes a long header and a short header and puts it into one giving the megabomb a over all power output


Does that Jardine improve the low end also?? or only the upper end??


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