licensing 2000's or 2001's

I have got a deposit on a 2002 426, and want to be able to street it. I have heard the newer vins make this hard. I also heard a rumor that the DMV in CA has been tracking down illegaly licensed bikes and revoking the plates (sounds like bull to me). Does anyone out there know the details about the newer vin numbers, or this vicious rumor I heard.

CA DMV is getting wise as time goes by. I went down for a replacement (lost the original) and got a green sticker. They sent me a red sticker in the mail and said they made a mistake. If your bike has a C or 3 in the 8th digit of the VIN, stand by. As far as street though, I have no info.

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Ditto on the 8th digit. 3 or C. This is the tip-off to DMV that your bike is "evil". Look around this forum for the various work-arounds to getting corn-holed by DMV. Take your bike to Alaska, Arizona, Canada or whatever it takes but by all means, DO NOT WALK INTO DMV AND GET A RED STICKER. After're screwed!!

Personally, I have dual registration, plates and a green sticker. From a DMV point of view, they have an easy time once the bike is either one or the other. To get dual reg. all at once, you need to spoon feed the info to them, spend a good 30+ minutes at the counter, help them with code book references (included with very nice Baja Designs Kit) and basically hold their hand until you get plates off 'em.

If your getting a brand new ride, find out what the dealer is planning on doing with you and your bike BEFORE its too late. Many dealers either have a DMV person come in like once a week or they do it for you some other way. WATCHOUT...I wouldn't let DMV know the bike even exists until you've got out of state plates or something else that keeps your bike from looking like a new registration. You may even be able to work a green sticker onto the bike through the dealer. Not sure about the legistics of this method though, seems kinda back-door (which is fine..) and varies from dealer to dealer. The shop I went thru had a stack of greenies in the desk. Unfortunately, that didn't last and next thing ya know, they were having a hard time getting another stack so yes...DMV is slowly catching on.

Will answer ANY question related to this subject because DMV sucks!!!



'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!


Thanks for the info. Do you have the instructions that came with the Baja kit and would you be willing to fax them.

Here is my thinking. I have a Green sticker wr2000, rarely on the street, mainly trails and moto, but it would be nice to get plates. But I don't want to hassle with a $400 kit and added weight that I would just take off. I can probably get my dealer to sign off on the form. So why do I need the kit other than for the instructions?

Since I always run knobbies, I am going to be at risk for getting a fix it ticket anyway? But I don't plan on doing anything other than connecting trails with the plate.

Since the DMV doesn't know what they are doing, I need to know what I am doing and the Baja instructions would probably get me there.

Thanks again


Anybody Registered a canadian bike in CA

Ready to Buy one. Please Advise

Cannuk bikes are easier. The VIN# is clean. If you go for street only the C/3 thing doesn't matter anyhow. Cannuk bikes come with a certificate of origin. You can request US dealers to give this to you. Don't let them do the DMV work. The dealer isn't required to register your bike at the time of sale. My XR650R is Dual Reg, my old Suzuki was street only.

John in Long Beach,

Get me your FAX# I send you the Baja forms.


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Thanks, for the info. So I buy the Cannuk bike and take it straight in and register it as a street bike? Sounds good to me.

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To John in the LBC, no problem, if you haven't already got 'em elsewhere, I'll fax you with much happiness.

Just curious...your 2000 WR may have a clean number already...(shhhhh....don't tell but...) some of the 2000 bikes made it out before the whole nazi numbering system was 100% up. If yours happens to be one of those, you got no worries about DMV pullin their head out with regard to your green sticker. The current threat as I understand it is that one day they'll catch up with the "cheaters" and punish 'em with death by red sticker.

Back to your question...having the greenie in hand is a big plus in any case. However, you will still need the "statement of facts" paper to attest that your vehicle indeed has lights, horn, rear brake, signals, hi beam indicator and that the headlight comes on without the bike running. (The code is 10 min. of headlight w/dead engine, I believe). However, there is no checkmark needed for DOT tires. It is the law, but not an item of inspection. In fact, most of this is possible since the majority of legal compliance falls on the driver, not the vehicle. By the way, I went for my inspection with stock rubber, so don't sweat it.

As far as getting out of the Baja Kit. Well...that's up to you. I guess if somehow you can get the statement of facts filled out and signed, amen brother. You will then have all the required paperwork needed by DMV to get plates. If this is your route, the useful portion of the Baja instruction can be boiled down to the code book references that you spoon feed to the DMV clerk when you feel the disturbance in the force (or the blank-ass look on their face) when you drop the dual-registration request on them. Trust me on this, your clerk will probably get a little itchy...but don't worry...stick to your guns, hit 'em with the code book refs, and count the minutes until your packin some new aluminum for big blue.

Remember...DMV processes vehicle paperwork, not vehicles. If you need anything, fire away...

Good luck brother...Gary


'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!


I do have one of the first bikes to come into So. CA, but it still has the 3 or C in the 8th place.

I noticed that my son's renewal form (2000 YZ80) clearly (in about 5 places) says RED Sticker only, my bike on the other hand had no reference to RED sticker.

Here is the bottom line of what I can tell, having just gone to the DMV to personally renew both bikes.

My bike is in the DMV's computer as a GREEN sticker bike, even if I mailed the reg off for renewal, I would probably get a GREEN. My son's bike on the other hand, is in the DMV computer as a RED sticker. For the YZ80 I handed the clerk the last years registration, but not the renewal form, because on the renewal for it says RED sticker only all over it.

So they gave me a GREEN for my son's bike, but the computer didn't go through with the registration, and they gave me the GREEN sticker with a temp reg, that is only good for one year. There is no doubt that the DMV will catch this and mail me a new RED sticker and a new valid reg. But I got a GREEN sticker on the bike that says JUNE 2002, and I have never seen a Ranger double check the sticker with the registration to see if they match. Maybe other have seen this, I would be curious.

As for my bike, the DMV could double check their records and RED sticker the bike. So maybe it would be better for me just to register it for the the street. Won't a license plate get you everywhere? Then I don't have to worry about them coming back. So I should probably take this window of opportunity.



My fax number is 562-493-0235, Thanks for the help.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my buddy had his plate revoked two months after being issued by the CA DMV. He's got an '01 WR426 from Canada, with a "W" in the 8th digit of the VIN #. So the question is, what tipped off the DMV home office in Sacramento?

John...ain't it a bitch...sometimes this whole struggle just pisses me off in the most irritating way...rat-bastards.

But I've always used the following when pushed far enough, fight fire with fire. If they want to enforce the rules, go for it. Thus, the current back door is just as you describe. Slap a valid greenie on the son of a bitch and gas up. I've not seen a single XR400 equipped with a laptop ala CHP. Therefore, fuggit...when Mr ranger-sir pulls up, grab a coldie, and let him go nuts with his coat hanger. We all run spark arresters, are as legal as we can get, and we got plenty of greenie's. In fact, this just came up last night. I was bench racing with some friends when the red sticker conversation came up. Lets just say I loved my buddy's suggestion. He's got an old 50 or something thats been gone for years, but he's renewin it for the greenie. And just like you were saying, let em try and reconsile that tag number with the registration. He said that even if they figure out whats going on, he's just gonna tell em, "I got a garage full of bikes, musta mixed em up somewhere". What are they gonna do?? Give you a ticket?? (Probably)Playin ignorant was never my first pick, but it does push the burden of proof back on them.

Anyway, I'm not actually 100% sure why I went for the dual registration. I did consider the above scenerio as reason enough to have another greenie around (ratio is now 3 green for 2 bikes) and I might have read something on this forum about continuing to support the green sticker fund since its in our best interest anyway, less than a buck a month, and keeps the numbers high for visibility (1 bike, 2 regs.). So I don't know, I'm not a fan of the gubb-ment takin our money, but I have ridden some BLM land and have enjoyed trail improvments paid for with greenie money (like Big Bear) so I'm a supporter for now.

Oh yeah...the limit on red sticker is 90cc (if I remember correctly), so while they come up as red (even PW50's!!!), the engine size is cleared by the computers. Seems to me the deal for now could be to just go buy some piece of crap junker, get the greenie on it, and keep the title up.

Alright, the typing lessons are starting to show...



'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!

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