05 YZ450 Large Gas Tank

Has anyone replaced their fuel tank with a larger one. I know 1.8 Gal isn't very much for trail ridding and the WR tank is only 2.3.

Will the WR tank fit ?

Dose anyone make a 3.0 Gal tank that will fit ?


Yea...there are a few. Id try IMS. The tank they have is 3.1 gallons and will run ya 225.00 dollars. Im prolly gonna buy this one. And its not too bulky either. good luck. :banghead:

clarke makes a 2.8 fits great

I have a clarke brand stock size to replace a broken stocker. I can't speak for the oversized tanks, but the stock sized Clarke is definitely much more durable than the stocker and the color was a perfect match.

clarke 2.8 that was on my 04 wr450 fit my 05 yz like a glove,the clarkes carry the fuel a little higher than the IMS

Thanks Guys I appreciate the information. I am in the process of turning my YZ into the ultimate woods bike. Bigger Tank, Heavy Fly Wheel, Skid Plate, Brake Snake for a start.

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