WR Street Legal Q

i wanted to find some flush mount blinkers for the back and wasn't sure about the front. i'd like to ride daily on the rode i live ten minutes from work and about 15-20 from a buddy's place where i can get off road. to do any real trails i gotta go about 3 - 4 hours ie:the wayne, ind., or mich. i also need to know what mich. laws are , i go alot in the summer but the trails are still about 2 hours north the wifes folks got a cabin near ann arber lots of gravel roads and such i just don't want any hassle from jonny law. cops in nw oh. an se mich. aren't used to seeing dirt dikes riding around and i want my ass covered when they think they're gonna bust my balls. givem' no exscuse and they'll leave you alone. my other question is tires any one have a suggestion i'll do alot of asphalt and gravel but i want something decent in th dirt.

i'm a newbie to the whole scene not just tt and old enough i'll feel the pain. i'm gratefull for any advice.

You can get flush mounts here, buy bulbs too.


under lighting --turn signals

I used these front and back on mine, have to have here to be legal.

I also am running the Baja Designs kit on my 99 WR400. I found that the stator for the 2000 426 had higher output, and also there are some stator rewind companies out there. Once I went to the beefy stator there was no problems. I ride home from work at night all the time and never have a dimming problem. I am doing a conversion on my 04 WR450, and plan on buying the parts to do it myself instead of the kit, but I read and have been told that you need to modify the stator to charge the running battery, as the stock stator only puts out enough to trickle for the electric start.


Matty :thumbsup:

Im in California and my 03 WR cant be licensed damit!!!!! No Question at all the WR is the way to go, it is the best bike for all terrain no matter what you thorw at it. It takes a rookie rider and makes him be able to keep up with well almost the best... If you can dual sport your O3 send me a email to let me know how much you need to let me register my bike to your address lol just kiddin unless your down with it....lol...No worries...If you buy a WR you wont be let down no matter what. :thumbsup:

I wanted to add that I rode the Cali coast and up through Oregon last summer, and was stopped by 5 or 6 riders telling me about the CA restrictions to license a WR. I had a dealer in Redway offer me $3500 on the spot for my 99 WR400. I asked and he said that anything before 2000 was ok... some grandfathered in law. I have met a few guys that came to Vegas to register and license, but I hear from my dealer that they passed a law about that in Cal, you have to have residence out of state for more then 90 days.

I could be wrong(most :thumbsup: likely) but hope this helps.

BTW. (I know of 2 99's NV legal that will be for sale in a couple weeks)


Matty :bonk:

Do you have any info on wiring the switch for hi/lo beam and hydraulic brake light switch on the WR450F '04?

Well for the HI/LO you would need a switch or in my case I bought handle bar switch to control lights, horn, turn signals and such. you can get one from 4strokesonly or you may find one at a local cycle salvage yard. Usually the HI/LO is just a hot wire into the switch then two wires out to your headlight which I don't know if it is the same on the O4 but my O3 already had dual filament connections for HI/LO headlight and brake light/ taillight. I was able to purchase from my local auto parts store a new connector for the headlight so it had the necessary wires for HI/LO beams.

The brake light switch just requires a hot wire into the switch then tap into the second wire on your taillight Assembly. I used a fused link to my battery so I have a brake light all the time.

just plated my "06" wr 450 and love it. you do not need any lighting kits. wire in a switch with blinkers and get the brake light switch and your good to go. you don't need any of those expensive dual sport kits.any questions just ask.

06 Husky's, TE models. NO mods & plateable anywhere in the world, right off the showroom floor!

06 Husky's, TE models. NO mods & plateable anywhere in the world, right off the showroom floor!

$9000 wow that seems pricey in canada??

Be happy you arent in California, buy the bike and put the baja designs kit on it, register it and have as much fun as im having on mine going and doing anything I want where ever I want!!!!!!!!!! Its the perfect dual sport bike. Theres a reason the husky and ktms are street legal and this isnt to begin with. Remember that.......

Dont do a kit or special construction crap. Its a pain and your insurance will be triple the amount as a real registered bike.

I have a 99 in california and have been offered the same. Its true as of 2001 you can no longer put a kit on any bike and simply get a plate anymore :bonk::bonk::thumbsup::p:thumbsup::eek::eek: . There is ways around it by doing a special construction pink slip but thats a pain...

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