New question in DMV registration of my WR

I just bought a 04 WR450 that was previously street legal in AZ with all AZ equipment. I live in NV and the bike has no turn signals (req. in NV) MY question is since the bike was already titled and street legal will a safety inspection be required in NV? What do I need to do to get a plate. I am trying to avoid shelling out a ton of money for a ready made kit when most of the stuff aside from signals are already on the bike.

If you bought a bike from out of state, or with out of state registration, you will need a safety inspection. However, just go down to the DMV and get their form and then go to your nearest dealer and have them do the inspection for you, it doesn't have to be done at the DMV. Chances are, they'll let some things slide for you...SC

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