Add a KEY to the WR??

any way to replace the on/off power switch with a keyed switch???

Just for a little added protection from the casual thief, or bankrobber making a getaway.:banghead:

i was thinking about this too, and i think the easiest solution would be to put a keyed switch in series with the existing ignition button. keeping the existing wiring in-tact.

Id like to gut the existing ignition button, and install a keyed switch inside the housing.

In Australia, we have a keyed switch together with an analog speedo. Maybe you can order it via Yamaha Australia?

Key switch & speedo.

I rplaced the stock ignition switch with one from a Honda CRF230, it was less than half the price of a Yamaha TTR230 switch. The bracket was not hard to make.

DDialouge (sp) here has done this mod; I actually bought the switch and 2 LED's for the conversion (adding a neutral indicator), but I think I've decided not to use and and just sell the key assembly. Too lazy to do it!

I bought the key switch for an 05 TTR 125 and replaced the button. Very simple, just pull the four wires out of the plug and replace with the four wires from the key switch. The bracket can mount in a lot of places, stock, or with minor modification can go anywhere.

That's the exact key I have for sale if anyone here is looking; brand new, never used.

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