one way Starter Clutch and 04 upgrade parts question (PIC)

I know what the grinding noise is....

It turns out that my starter was bad. It spun, but not with enough torque to engage the clutch properly. The caused it to bite and skip sounding like a grinding noise. The problem is that this can be mistakenly diagnosed as a faulty starter clutch. My mistake as I ended up replacing one thinking that it was the problem. I am getting a new starer today at cost price with no labour charges as the dealer was to blame for the mis-diagnosis.

I am ok with that as the starter clutch that was pulled out had considerable wear on it anyway.

Live and learn!!

If all else fails you may just need a new starter motor. These motors weaken over time and cant pull the rpms or torque that a new spec motor can. :applause:

Thats what I thought! Thanks for letting us know the fix for your problem. :ride:

no problems, but I did not expect it to create a "chatter" on the starter clutch. Have you heard of that b4?


One thing that I can't determine from your emails. Did the dealer upgrade the 2003 Starter Idler Gear to the 2004 configuration?

nope I havent. funny huh.

You may not need the 04 upgrade. It has been said that if it hasn't broken the woodruff key yet, it probably won't. And maybe the Aussie bikes didn't have the problem (their shafts had proper taper, proper torque, I don't know). Mine had no problems, but I did the upgrade for peace of mind.

Starting tomorrow at 12:00 noon I will bow and pray to the great INDY. Forgive me for I should second guess his vast knowledge and experience! :applause::ride::p:p:lol::p:p:lol::p:p;):p:p;):bonk::bonk::mad::eek::eek::eek::eek::lol::lol::p:p;):mad::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

You are a great help!



We do have an excellent data base of knowledge for the Yamaha 4 strokes on this forum! :applause::ride:

I think TT is the best on the internet! :p:p

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