shavings in coolant??

was curious if anyone have ever notice like fine shavings bottom of your radiator cap?... i've kinda notice there a small amount of it take the cap? :banghead:

The shavings are attached to the cap?

Are they aluminum? test with a magnet.

Maybe you set the cap down on your bench and it picked up the shavings!?!?!?

when they cast cylinders it leaves "flashing".they can be real fine and may dislodge after use. also it could be from corrosion in your cases or the coolant in good shape?using other than distilled water or a premixed coolant will cause corrosion.flush your system and refill with a proper coolant and keep an eye on it.

Its more than likely that stuff on the cap is calsification. You may want to flush your rads with white Vinegar.

If you want to really get aggressive you can flush the system with a 50/50 CLR or LimeAway and distilled water, but youve got to really get the system flushed well with clean water after, but it'll clean your rads for sure...

I agree with Shawn. Calcium and lime from tap water can coalesce into powdery metallic flakes that will float in coolant. There is virtually nothing that could happen in a YZF cooling system that would create metal shavings unless the impeller shaft bearings were so bad that the impeller could hit the case and cover, and by then, you would have a very noticeable coolant leak under the pump.

Flush it and use distilled water or a pre-mixed product like Engine Ice.

well i recently flush the system and put that 50/50 mix coolant by peak....course i flushed it i used the hose to flush it guess that maybe what caused it... i've been thinking abou engine ice but heard u have to really make sure all the water is outta of system before using it... or can u just pour it in after u rinse all the antifreeze out?...

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