Wanted: 400-426 pre auto decompressor

Wanted: OEM early Clutch perch with intregal compression release lever.

Anyone got the stock piece they replaced with a Works Connection piece or something?

I have the stock one off my 400. You pay the shipping and its yours! Its not part of the clutch perch though, Its seprate.

True. The decomp lever was a separate part. But I do have an OEM YZ450 perch with the integrated hot start lever, if that's what you want.

Hmmm...my 426 had the clutch and the compression lever on the same perch and it sure looked like an OEM piece. I was trying to free up some handle bar room on my old XR and solve a slightly short decompressor cable problem at the same time...

Ive got a perch from my CRF with the hot start lever on it, but the decompressor is too much to pull with that tiny lever.

Oh well...I'll have to keep thinking about this then...

But thanks for the offers. TT'rs are a hard bunch to beat... :banghead:

my 426 had a seperate perch for the compression release as well. I have one laying around if you need it.


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