New to 4 strokes, Cpl. Questions

I just got my first 4-stroke dirtbike, 1999 WR400 and love it. I just had a few questions, the headers seems to get extremely hot while riding to the point where it is glowing at the front, i was wondering if thats just how 4-strokes are or if my bike is running too lean. Also, my killswitch is placed directly in the middle on my handlebars, which seems a little dangerous, when i want to kill my motor is it okay to just grab the compression lever? And one more thing, my bike does not want to pressure start, i was wondering if i could still pressure start it if i held the compression lever in a little bit? Thanks.

Nothing stopping you from moving your kill switch to a better location.

Yes, the headers on 4 strokes get SUPER HOT...but that doesnt mean that your bike ISNT running lean. you could be lean also, or rich, i have no way to tell.

You should get back to us about whether or not it will push start by using the compression lever...would be interesting to know.

Like ARin said, header pipes on all 4strokes run hot.

Move your kill switch over close to the compression release lever, no problem.

It's not really a good idea to grab the compression release level while the bike is running though. Just push your kill button to stall the motor.

You should easily be able to push start your WR by getting it up to speed, put it in 2nd gear and just as you release the clutch bump the compression release lever a touch and it should fire right up. Just don't lay on the lever while it's running and it should be fine.

That's worked on my 2000 WR for years and no problems.

You will love that bike. They run FOREVER.

Yes the glowing pipe is normal and yes you can bump start it with the decompresser.

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