XR650R Shopping in CA.

I am coming over to the U.S for a week and will be staying in Laguna Beach California. I live out in the Middle East and we have no decent aftermarket shopping for parts. Hey... I know I can get most on TT site but it is better to do hands on shopping. Can anyone give me names and/or addresses of shops I can visit for "aftermarket" accessories and bit and pieces for the XR650R?

The XR650R is awesome in the desert!! I'm a bit of a "lardass" at 260 lbs and have just upgrade my rear shock spring to 11.5 kg , probably a bit of an overkill can't wait to test it.

Much obliged!!

Don't know about others, but I live in L.A. County and get most of my parts mail order, Rocky Mountain, Dennis Kirk, XR's Only, Barnums etc. Seems like I get better prices and service. U.P.S. can be a great thing, and I am sure they deliver to the U.A.E.

Thanks for the leads! You'll probably see a "blip" in the U.S economy when I'm done!!

I just did a mapquest from Laguna Beach to Baja Designs in San Marcos and it's only 50 miles away.


They should have everything you will ever need for the XR650R. They are one of the best shops for your bike.

www.bertsmegamall.com is close and a mega store for parts. As is http://www.chaparral-racing.com

Bert's is closer but, they both have everything.

XR's only, Barnum's, BajaDesigns, Temcula Motorsprorts, RaceTec, Percission concepts, You name it is in drive distqance from Long Beach. Some of the Best XR650R riding also if you drive a little further east.


but when shopping at berts you gotta remember berts is where it hurts

i,m just about done about a thousand more then i,ll be happy !!!!!!!!!!

For the xr650, Baja Designs is a far better place than Bert's or Chaparral. At Bert's or Chaparral, you will be "served" by some 17 year old dipstick who knows nothing about the XR. At BD, they know the XR line very well.


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