Waterfall Trail - San Rafael Swell Utah

Hey everybody. This was posted on ktmtalk by Chris....a member of the Sageriders motorcycle club here in Utah. This is an example of the great work they do and acknowledgment of the people involved. I know there are a lot of Colorado guys that enjoy this area too.


The Waterfall Trail is a single-track, approximately 14 mile trail just west of the Temple Mountain parking area (the People Pasture, but that's another story). The trail has been "sponsored" by the Sage Riders m/c for some time, but until yesterday the trail hadn't been marked (other than the trailhead at each end of the trail).

Well yesterday, Wade Allinson and Alan Petersen led about 10 other Sage Riders on a trail-marking work ride. Carrying five-foot long carsonite sign posts, sledgehammers, steel "starting" tools, stickers plus "normal" riding supplies on bikes was quite the experience. My neck is killing me today from the backpack full of steel crap I carried all day!

The trail is now mostly marked, with alternate routes blocked off. The carsonite sign posts have a directional arrow near the top and a Sage Rider sticker below that. PLEASE stay on the single-track!! There's also a "special feature" not found on most trails (only Alan P. would carry a cordless hammer-drill on his bike!), and that is most definitely "another story". If you ride the trail, you'll see it. Some day I'll share the "rest of the story" when enough people have had a chance to see it.

BTW, the weather was perfect and the dirt was moist; I was surprised to see NO other dirt bikers there.

For those of us who ride in this area (and I do so infrequently) we all owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to people like Alan Petersen, Wade Allinson, Dick Brass and others whose hard work keeps this area open. In fact, our relationship with the local BLM office has blossomed recently (while the relationship with the BLM office that oversees the Jericho area is heading into the toilet). Support the BRC and USA-ALL. Join a club. Enjoy the trail!

Thanks to all you guys for all your work, and Scott Wheeler too! I hope to take my son there someday. Maybe someday those trails in the WSA will reopen.

What are 'they' studying anyway??

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