Cali Street Legal CHP Certification

Hi all,

I'm going into the DMV in a week to get plates. I have a Canadian bike (with Baja kit), so the VIN is OK. My understanding is that I need a CHP officer to verify the bike is street legal before I go into the DMV scrounging for plates. My question is: How is this arranged and where can it be done? Do I make an apptmnt with CHP or some other bureau? Anyone who has experience in CA with this, please give me a heads up on how to do this. Thanks for the help...

No CHP inspection is required. Take a "statement of facts" form and your bike to most any M/C shop and have them inspect the bike and fill in the form. Take that to DMV and your done. :D Don't tell anyone, but I know a guy that filled out the forms himself and never had the bike inspected. :) He got plates on a RMX250. DMV doesn't look at the bike. Good luck.

I went the same route w/ a CDN WR250F and had not problems. Any dealer can sign-off your statement of facts, but some are more strict requiring DOT tires. Make sure you have your green sticker title. Most DMV personel are clueless when it comes to dual registration so be prepared to wait while they figure out how to do it.

Thanks for the quick response you guys. I'll have my local shop sign it then! I'll write up the whole process and let you guys know how everything goes. Take it ez

If you do go to the CHP they may want to see an emissions compliancy sticker ( that three paragraph sticker that wouldn't come off you old XR rear fender) or they might try and find anything that says not for highway use. They they won't certify it. Watch out!

I've had to take out of country bikes to the CHP to get a verification of vehicle but only for green sticker needs.

Show your bike to as few people as necessary and fill out as many forms as you can yourself or find someone who has done it before help you.


The CHP route is an equivilent alternative to the "statement of facts" paper that DMV wants. If you got some friends at CHP, you probably got no worries. Otherwise, it seems like a tougher nut to crack since those guys eat and breathe vehicle codes all day long. If I had to choose one or the other, I'd pick the one furthest from the offense to the fine officers of the law... but you gotta be in the water before the sharks can eat ya. Good luck...Gary


'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!

if you know a po;ice officer you can get away without chp inspection.i have neighbor that is cop and i had him do my vin verification and he checked box "meets us & ca emmisions and left box "refer to chp" uncheck and comments area blank[also make sure he puts mileage [write in anything if blank they assume it doesnt have speedo therefore it mx bike].then i just made appointment dmv i thought would be least likely to catch on.make sure you have proof of insurance.what happens never admit its enduro or mx conversion if they ask any questions about type of bike "its streetbike" this method worked for me.the only thing that almost got me caught was i left mileage blank so they questioned why i had 1999 bike with 0 mileage.luckily my answer "speedo was broke when i bought bike" worked.

My suggestion is to go to the DMV with plenty of time on your hands. Including the hour wait for a clerk, I was there 3.5 hours and had to get the CHP on the phone to tell them what to do. I called them in advance to ask who covered that DMV office and told him what I was doing, helped grease the skids. Also, INSIST that you know what you are doing. If the clerk falters, get a supervisor, if that fails, get the office director.

I did double register my bike for green sticked and street. I don't think it was worth it though and don't plan to renew green. My kit is small enough that I don't notice it and leave it on all the time anyway. Besides, I have full coverage insurance by street licensing so that I can shove it in a mine shaft if I really hurt it!


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when i got my plates i didnt have any lights blinkers ,etc.i also got full coverage insurance if motor ever blows i plan on backing my truck over it and claiming hit and run.

If you call Baja Designs, they can fax you the info for Ca registration. My kit came with instructions for the DMV clerk on how to process dual registration.

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