WR426 crankcase issues

I have an '02 WR426 - the right side crankcase cover cracked on my last ride (I can't figure out how). Anyway, I ordered a new one but can't seem to remove some of the bearings and seals in the old one. Is it an issue of brute force? Do I have to buy new seals and bearings? I don't mind that, I guess, but the local dealer here is terrible and never has any inventory. :banghead: I don't want to wait another two weeks if I can help it. Any help/hints would be greatly appreciated from this newbie.

you can pull the bearings with bearing puller tool.

you will have to check the bearings before install them.

if they are not good, you will have to replace them (you don't open the crankcase every day) with new one.

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