whats the gray wire is another free mod?does it help to cut it

man please tell me more about the gray wire

please .

Havent you heard it enables the flux capasitor. You can travel back in time and see yourself when you were little. It also will enable the carb to burn strictly octane. you can do 120 in first gear. It also allows the bike to rev to 40,000 rpm. Only way to cool it down is to go back in time and be covered in ice crystals. Hey guys isn't that what it does or am i missing something

Read the archives. This topic is in there. it is like the enegizer bunny it keeps comming up and comming up and comming up....

cutting grey wire really only made my bike perform better in reverse i havent noticed any difference in 1st thru 5th.i still love mod i just have to ride around backwards.

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