Magnetic Drian Plugs

I have a 02 wr426, i have not been able to fine a magnetic drian plug for it. Also, if they do make one would it just be for the crankcase or the frame as well. :banghead:

Thanks for the link, just what i was looking for :banghead:

I have got a Yamaha GYT-R plug in my WR450. It is a 12mm thread that suits all YZ's and WR's. Part number is YZR-DRAIN-00-00.


I'm currently out of stock but I normally sell them for $6.99 for the ceramic type or $7.99 for neodymium type... if you're interested I should have some back in stock within the next few days.

Here's a picture of what the ceramic one's look like, check out the washer/gasket too, never have to buy another crush washer.


what strength is the bolt? does it have one of those numbers on it? like 8.9 or something?

also how much to ship to aus?

cheers - Brett

anyone know where i can get a mag drain plug for a wr 426 2002 in the uk

ask those companies if they will ship to UK

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