Renthal Triple Clamp

Has anybody tried the renthal triple clamp and if so what do you think of it?

Also what size are the fork tubes on a 2003 wr 450, Im thinking 46mm is this correct? :banghead:

Haven't tried the Renthal clamp. 46mm is correct.

Have a look at the GYTR triple clamp / fatbar combo.

Real good value. I got one for my missus bike for $350 Aussie dollars.

Well I went ahead and got the Renthal Triple clamp and a set of CR hight Pro Tapers. I got them off Ebay for a combined price of $126.00 including shipping. All Brand new and all black. I will let ya all know what I think of them in a couple of months.

All I can say is WoW! The set up between black bars and triple clamp is awsome not to mention my entire front end is all carbon fiber. Just need to get my hands on a set of black excels with red hubs!

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