Lost Angels MC Funny Run 11-06


Anyone going to the Lost Angles MC funny run at Cal-City this weekend

Myself and two or three friends going late saturday or early early sunday.

Should be a good ride no pressure of a race, just good times in the desert.

I'll be getting driving directions soon I will post to this thread when I get them :banghead:

we are going to head up to cal city on saturday afternoon and get some parting in before the sun sets and be ready to ride sunday morning :banghead:

My liver cant take another one :banghead:

i carry a spare in my fender bag :banghead:

fn is going to be run on sat this year at around 1.00pm be there or be a sissy.

Hey whats up guys? can you guys explain what kind of event it is?


The Race Is On Saturday With The Trophy Presentation At Around 6pm On Sat. Sunday Is A Day To Recoup!

Best get there saturday by noonish. The banner drops for the first ever saturday funny fun!

Ran the Funny Run Saturday and man am I sore. Great party. Lots of F'd up people. A few dumbasses wasting there trucks trying to jump the road at night.Some good fireworks. Can't wait till next year

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