04 WR450 YZ Cam Electric Start Won't Work

I have tried searching various posts, but have not found the answer to my specific question - so any help would be appreciated.

Just installed YZ450 Cam in my 04 WR450. The bike runs fantastic (and I recommend the mod.), but it will not start when using the electric start - why? It seems to be cranking just fine, but it will not fire-up.

- Battery Checks out good and has full charge

- Starter cranks and engages (sounds strong)

- Grey Wire pulled

- I have tried when bike is hot/cold and anywhere in between

- It will kick over in 1-2 kicks

- I have owned the bike since it was new and e-start work perfectly just before the modification

It really is no big deal to kick the bike over, but nice to have the e-start - it does come in handy at times.


This is a guess, but I would say it is because the starter does not spin it fast enough.

Believe it or not you are spining the motor darn fast by kick starting and not as fast for electric. I believe the copression release on the cam is centifical in effect and is not being spun fast enough with the starter too release the valve..

Don't bag on me, it just a thought.

Anyone? :banghead:

Put a 72 starter jet in it and a 48 pilot. Use the choke and watch her start up with the E-start down to 30 degrees. :banghead:

Thanks Indy - I will look in to making that adjustment. I am sure that is a valid solution, it just seems strange that fixing an electric start problem relates to jetting after I only changed the Cam - but I know these are complicated motors and not like the simple 4-strokes of days gone by.

starting mine seems no different with the yz or wr cam. .............

but mine is well worn in. good luck!

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