my skidplate is nut and bolt magnet

it seems like everytime i drop nut or bolt when im working on my wr it just happens to fall between skidplate and doesnt what part of bike im working on or where im standing.a couple weeks ago i was working on my kx250 and drop a bolt. i searched for hours and couldnt find it a couple days later took skid plate of my wr and there it was.i was at least 4 feet from wr when i had drop it.the thing that pisses me off the most is it is absolutely impossible to fish the nut or bolt out without taking skidplate off.does anybody else have this problem?

Droopped the float pin on friends XR250 (don't laugh). There it was on his skid plate. He told me how much touble his skid was to mount. Glad I have the dh1racing. 4 stock bolts and its on.........

There is the foam you place between the engine and skid plate. The idea is to prevent mud from packing in there. In your case(s), it will prevent WR parts from packing in there. :)


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hope this makes you feel better... my buddie was putting on a YZ tank, with works conn. rad. guards, and he dropped the spacer and gas tank bolt into the magnetic hole twice!! Both times he had to take the E-line carbon plate off (instead of leaving it off until finished) It was really cool to actually see smoke pouring out his ears :D i just laughed (because it has also happened to me) and then I gave him a extra piece of foam like i put in my skid plate. now the parts can bounce onto the floor. ( or if your like my friend, into the tall grass.... ha ha ha, I was rolling :)

have fun!!!

Hey Freestyle111

Did you happen to find my 10mm socket and gas tank strap when you took off your skid plate :D I hav'nt been able to find for awhile :)

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Dont you have a magnetic wand? If not then thats the answer.

This little jewel has saved me from having to take off my skid plate numerous times.


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magnetic wand wont wont work because space between skidplate is tight to fit thru.i think ill just use wingnuts to hold skidplate on.easier access

Thats a good Idea, Skid plates aren't hard to find when the wing nuts vibrate loose...But those wings are going to be a (*&% to find.

Bonzai.... :)

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