1988 XR600 Rear Shock Help Needed

Like a complete idiot, I unfastened the bolt which connects the line between the shock and the resevour. My question now is how would I go about restoring the shock to its original condition. Is it just a matter of cleaning it out and refilling the oil, does the shock need to be nitrogen filled. I'm pretty lost on this one. Please help

Thank you for your time,


If you want it back to original condition, you best just drop it off to your favorite suspension guy. You'll never get it properly blead and after that it needs to be recharged with Nitrogen. If you had enough experience to bleed the shock correctly and sufficiently, you wouldnt have made mistake in the first place. Sorry bud :banghead:

Do you know how much a fix like that usually runs for? Would I just be better off buying a used shock off ebay, there only $20

Your best bet is to have the shock serviced while it is off. Where do you live? People can point you to a good shop near you.

The only problem of another shock is its going to be a worn out piece of shit too...if your going to spend some money, spend it right...

I live in Santa Barbara, CA.

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