Ringing sound on 02' WR426


I have an 02' WR426 that I bought brand new and now has approximatly 3,000 to 4,000 miles on it. With in the past 2 months I've heard a ringing sound during higher rev's while riding. I replaced the stock chain & sprockets, but i still heard the ringing noise. I've done regular maintenance but I've never adjusted the valves. Any ideas on what the noise is and what I need to do to fix it?


i don't know. but my 450 does the same thing :banghead:.

i think it might be the frame vibrating against the skidplate.............. but i cant for the life of me say for sure.........

Bumping an old thread for more info rather than posting a new one. Maybe someone can still shed some light on this.. my 01 WR426 recently started doing the same thing after 2k miles, Its sounding like its coming from the chain at the Countershaft sprocket. I have a new chain with less than 200 miles, and it started doing it about 75-100 miles ago, the sprockets are in good shape as well. It is adjusted properly. I cannot find anything visually wrong, and the bike runs awesome otherwise. Any other input on this? Thanks! :p

Mine did this also 2002 wr I think I found head pipe shield did it when hot

I dont have a headpipe shield, And its definitely coming from the left side of the bike where the cs sprocket is...

I get a little ringing sound off the kick starter at different revs through the rev range at times.

It's actually a special featured implemented to help round up cows.

Lol, that explains the herd of cattle following me the other day!

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