headlight for 02 YZ 426

I have a bone-stock 2002 YZ 426 & recently purchased a UFOPlast brand headlight for the bike (& taillight/brakelight as well).

The kit only comes with the light - no switches, etc. Where can I get wiring information. The YZ obviously doesn't have any lights - where do I tap into the wiring? Should I hardwire it so the highbeam/brakelight is always on, or can I purchase a switch to make these things active?

Not concerned with being street-legal, just night riding.

I bought the Moose trailsport kit. It has the light and kill switches only. It also has previsions for front and rear brake switches. These are nice if you ride in groups. This harness is actually made by electrosport for Moose. I bought mine out of Dennis Kirk for like $80 bucks or something like that. They also have the brake switches for like $17 each. I almost forgot, youre going to need either an aftermarket lighting coil, or you canget the WR flywheel and stator from Yamaha.(like I did) It puts out great power and you will have a nice bright light. Another nice feature is the heavier flywheel for trail riding. Its not as stall prone in difficult trails. -Jim

I've already got the UFO kit (was given to me). Just don't know how to wire it up to a bike that's not equipped for lights.

Tap off the primary or secondary coil? Get something to reduce the voltage from whatever it is out of the coil to 12V?

You are going to need a lighting coil :banghead:

Baja Designs offers stator rewinding services for $150. They also sell an E-Line rotor/stator/cover kit (180 watts) on their Motorcycle Products page for $500.

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