great deal on grey wire mod

im open for business and specializing in grey wire mod.AUGUST SPECIAL "GREY WIRE MOD.." ONLY $199 INCLUDES ALL PARTS AND LABOR.just ship your wr to me with $199 money order and ill be glad to perform grey wire mod on your bike.[make sure you pay for return shipping or ill be forced to keep bike]

does this include the actual cutting of the wire. Can you also redo the reverse in my bike. I stripped tem out going back in time.

I'll do you one better. For only $109.95 I'll performe the Grey Wire mod and include the electrical tape wrap for free. Don't go with some of those hacks who just cut the wire. My specality is removing the wire from the clip plug and folding it back. Turn around is under two weeks and I'll include a sticker to advertise me on your bike.

Special Racer Discounts!


oh **** i dont know what to do. This a huge decision to make. well it looks like i am going to have to send it to the cheaper guy. will you still fix my reverse also. i would like to go back in time again and with out reverse my fluk capasitor wont work. Can this be done for that standard price. Also what brand of black tape do you use. It needs to be the black kind wound on the paperboard roll that sayd 3M. Thanks for all your help

Hey jlewis,

I noticed your mag gave the WR250F pretty low marks on the enduro bike shootout. Was the grey wire cut? Your same mag loves the YZ250F. What gives?

i do strickly quality work.i dont use any electrical tape.wire is cut then sealed with dab of silicon and cover with shink tubing.for extra $25 you can get colored shrink tubing[red,white or blue] coming soon yellow shrink tubing for all you guys with yz hurricane kit.


I am very interested in having your profound GWM (Grey Wire Mod) applied to my DRZ400. But only if you offer mobile service. I ain't paying shipping costs... are you INSANE?? :)

By the way, I am squatting on a domain name you JUST might be willing to aquire from me... only $5000. O.A.C. (some restrictions may apply). check it out...

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