Have you ever had this happen?

I just purchased a 2000 WR 400 Canadian model. The guy before me kept it pretty nice for the most part, and put a TON of nice parts on it.

I went out on Saturday for my first outing on the bike. I love it. But, I crashed pretty hard into a tree.


· Complete head light assembly

· One of my carbon fiber for guards (I will not be replacing this with another carbon guard, does anyone need a left side with a carbon CR style mount?)

· Hand guard

· Something with my throttle set up.

· Helmet Visor (and a couple thousand brain cells)

· Ego

So, the big question is about the throttle set up. What the end result was is that I now have at least a ¼ throttle of movement that does NOTHING. There is no spring tension, no carburetor movement, just nothing from 0 to ¼ throttle. And, I am not 100% sure that I am getting full throttle. I didn’t really look into the problem with any real effort. I looked at the cables and it appears that nothing has changed from just looking at the outside. I did order new cables today, and I should get into it tomorrow to see what is going on.

My question is: Has anyone had this problem, and if you have what was the fix. I will know what is going on with it tomorrow night and let everyone know what it is.

Thanks for the help!

Have a look at the carb.

Take the plate off the side and see if the cables have jumped out.

There are adjustments for your throttle located on your carb (right side). I have taken out a little slack on my bike. Check ebay for bikes being parted out. the 250/400/426 have alot of interchangeable parts. All you have to do to verify they will fit is go online to a big parts retailer like chaparral motorsports and check the parts # for say a wr250 throttle vs a wr 426 throttle. And YZ's too! As for your ego, send in pics of your wrecked bike and take the ridicule from your peers here on TT. :banghead:

Man, they don't give those head light assemblies away. I ordered it yesterday and my cost is something like $80-90 and I get cost plus 5%, or so I am told.

I was planning on working on the bike tonight, but I just remembered that it is my wifes birthday. I will post some pics of the bike soon.

Thanks guys!

Man, they don't give those head light assemblies away. I ordered it yesterday and my cost is something like $80-90 and I get cost plus 5%, or so I am told.

Damn! You should have got aftermarket like Polisport or Acrebis.

i know its prolly to late to cancel the headlight,but i just upgraded my light to a UFO Twin headlight for under 40 bucks, and i am very happy with it. Great fit, quality, and lighting. Just thought i'd throw that in. And for your throttle, if the cable have not fallen out of the slide wheel or the throttle tube then just a slack adjustment of the cables should solve the problem. I have pics of my new light on here: http://www.myspace.com/13351250


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