White Bros. Mikuni 41mm Carb Kit: Where to Start?

Right now I'm running a White Bros. pipe and header pipe, free air-box and a Uni Filter. I'm still waiting for my White Bros. 41mm Mikuni carb kit to come in, and I'm wondering what main jet people are starting with.

I live at sea level (3 houses up from the beach to be exact) in good ol' sunny California, if that helps any.

Thanks in advance!!!

I have an 05 that I just de-smogged, de-snokled, added a uni filter, jetted to a 158 main, 55 slow, ground off the stopper on the mixure screw and backed it out 2 1/2 turns, shimmed the stock needle and installed a White Brothers E-series and now can't keep the front wheel on the ground in first :lol:

Stock gearing to boot :banghead:

And just think how she'll run after I get a few miles on her, 250 so far. The beast was a ***** cat for sure stock :banghead:

are you running an R or an L?

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