Powder coat Frame??

Hey I was wondering if anyone has decided to powdercoat there frame? I am in the process of blacking out my bike (except the plastic im going with blue). I have every carbon fiber accessory you can think of. And hear that they offer a carbon fiber "look" type of powder coating. Is this true? How much of a pain is it to strip everything off the frame? And hey thanks for any input you've all helped me alot already.

What kind of prices do I need to expect?

Has anyone anodized there stock hubs and wheels? Price?

And where could I pick up some graphics with a black theam?

Your best bet for graphics would be to get some custom ones made up or I think

XGX makes some black ones with like flames and skulls and stuff.

As for carbon fiber look powder coating, I don't know how they could do it. I think the closest paint would be like a matte black. I know you can get a stick on coating that looks like carbon fiber but my bet is that it would last about 10 seconds before scuffing up.

It takes a lot of work to strip down to your frame, even if you do, most places won't touch it because of the oil tank in the frame it's self.

Spend the money and get a good set of wheels like excel hubs, rims and spokes. The rims are the same as stock but would be black in your case, the hubs are much better and the spokes are much thicker and stronger.

i agree with matty, your prob better off getting excel.talon combo

on the other hand, if you can find someone to powder coat your frame, i dont think it would be 'too' difficult to strip your frame

maybe use some paint stripper and a wire brush drill attatchment

wr frame Vs HQ tunna that im doing at the moment seems easy hehe

make sure though that once your back to bare metal you get it done ASAP as surface rust will appear very quickly

Go tha Holden!!!!!!

have it sand blasted, then primed with a rust preventative. make sure you smooth out any of the welds that are gritty feeling and then I would reccomend using an exopy paint with at least 3 coats. then give it a week or better to really harden. I have done this in the past and the results are fabulous!! :banghead: not to mention very reasonable $$$ wise :banghead:

Just FYI, stock Yamaha frames are power coated. It's hard to strip off, have to sand blast.

I had my frame powder coated about five months ago and it cost me 200. They did all the prep work on the frame.

actually if you contact the PC'er they will work with you... when i was contiplating doing mine.. the coater told me 200 bucks... and to clean out the oil tank w/ some MEK since its a quick disolving solvent everything would be kosher and wouldnt have to worry about burning oil in the oven.. :banghead:

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