Gonna Do It

I made the decision...I'm trading in my car,

my XL600LM, my mountain bike(s) and anything else I can lay my hands on.... that '99 WR400 will be mine! :):D


The Missile

Good for you! It's always good to simplify one's life. I also have too much stuff/ junk / toys , all of it 4 sale except one mountain bike, XC skis, and of course my '99 420. We live in a materialistic society where too much emhasis is placed on things.

Good luck to uou in your garage sale! :)

keep one Mtn. Bike. They are great for improving technical riding skills and cardio.

[This message has been edited by *mike68* (edited 08-24-2001).]

I for sure will keep one mountain bike.... I got three, all of them top end + two road bikes and many other smaller toys..... hence the wifes displeasure with proposition of yet one more toy.... Also....she wont believe me that my passion will switch to WR riding from mountain biking. How can I prove it without spending the bucks??

Finally....anyone live in Siwtzerland need a good, hardly used( :)) mountain bike ??


The Missile

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