Return of "Converting plastics - 426 to a 450"

Can you send me the template, i would like to use it for mine. ThanK you !

Can someone please send me the template for the tank brackets as well?? PM me and I'll give you my email address. Thanks.

A couple other questions:

1) jocolo, is that the stock '01 rear fender on the '03 subframe?

2) can you mount the '03-'05 tank and shrouds WITHOUT also having to get the new subframe, seat, and airbox? in other words, is the '03 subframe/airbox/seat/sideplates/fender necessary just to mount the new tank and shrouds?

3) is it necessary to weld the tank brackets or can you simply bolt them to the existing frame mounts? (in case I want to put the old tank back on)

4) I have a full FMF Ti system, will this mount to the new subframe easily?

BTW satch, your conversion was real clean looking, nice job, hopefull I can duplicate without much trouble. :applause:

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