What XR650R exhaust tip to buy

I have beene looking around for an exhaust tip for my 2003 XR650R and have found about a dozez different ones. I have been told the Honda (HRC) is great, but it cost about $150. Is there another option? I have the FMF Q-pipe on it and I don't like it. I had a 2002 XR650R with stock exhaust and the HRC tip and if felt better than the FMF Q-pipe. Please Help.

I used the Honda tip in my 01, very impressive. I think I saw one on ebay some time ago, pretty cheap too.

I am running a white bros e-series. I also have the stock muffler with the HRC tip. I tried them both one day to see the difference back to back. The e-series gives better bottom to mid, and the HRC might pull a little more on top. One thing I liked about the e-series is that it got rid of the clatter in the motor while lugging it off idle in the tight trails. Hope this helps :banghead:

I've been very happy with my WB E-Series, 12 discs, but is tunable by adding/removing discs. It gives a nice low frequency thump, but the pipe isn't overly loud. In the past I used an XR's Only pipe on my XR400 (another Supertrapp design) and I liked it also. Using stock headers.

Have HRC on my 01 and I like that it will never need repacking and Honda power up jetting is right on. It has also passed 96 dba sound test limit for Calif public lands. Other after market options will either fail sound tests or will require fresh packing to pass. So why mess with a very good thing?

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