Jimmy Buttons and 5' 9"

It's time to ditch the stock bars and I read posts about many of you going to Jimmy Button's. My concern is would these be too high for us elevationally challenged folk? Would we look like poster material for Easy Rider? Or is there another bend that would be more suitable?

I'm also vertically challeged at 5-9 :) . I put Jimmy Button bars on after the first couple rides. I like them a lot better than the stock bars.


it all depends on your arm length.

if you have ape arms like me, don't worry. i use Pro-Tapers CR-Hi bend and even rotate them forward a little bit.

i too am 5' 9" tall.

the most important advice i can give is set the bike up for YOU. nobody else really matters.

I am 5'7 and the button bars allow me to ride standing comfortably all the time. probabaly the #1 mod for improving my riding/standing skills.

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