Oil Pressure Drain Bolt

I bought this bike used so i do not have the manual yet, a friend told me that after you change the oil there is a bolt you need to loosen to make sure that there is oil pressure. Is this ture, and if so what bolt is it? :banghead:

Yes, its on the right side of the head, near the rear. Will have a small copper washer on it, 8mm hex. Loosen it after start up, wait for oil dribble, tighten it up. Clean oil residue off.

The purpose of the bolt, if I recall from the manual, it to provide a means to check that oil is flowing where it's supposed to. If you don't get a drip, then you need to check into why it isn't to avoid having the problems that result from low to no oil flow.

Is the bolt you are talking about the one that connects the hard line to the head?

On the 426 you have to loosten the bolt on the hard line slightly,once oil runs out tighten it up.Make sure you recheck your oil level.Run the engine long enough to warm it up and recheck level

It's a bleed... Just in case you pick up a weird air lock during the job. Much more likely after a stripdown I believe. For the record, when I do oil changes I don't ever actually do the bleed thing. Just drop the oil, replace the oil etc.

Don't, however, listen to a word I say.... :banghead:

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