Tires that work for the xr 650r

I was just wondering what tires work on the xr650r. I have been running michilen m12's. What do you guys run?

This is some of the talk about the Baja 100 on the Yahoo XR650R Group

The Pirelii MT450 can't be beet for hold on

the slick fire roads but, it can't last for half the Baja 1000 if you

push it threw rocks or on the tarmac. The PIrelli MT410 holds

together real well and can last the hole race. Large knobbies for the

sand and can hold the fire roads better then stock. Not cheap. You

know I'll say the IRC M5B for those killer whoops for 25 miles coming

into Sanfellipi and for all those sand washes. You can get 400+ miles

out of one. It can handle the rock but, that isn't where you would

want it and Gene is the rock goat. He hasn't bought into this tire

so, it wouldn't be good for him except for whoops and sand. I have

used the Pirelli Mt32 you might want to look into it, last a long

time and does sand real well, much better then the Michalin Baja

(same type of tire just better made). The MT18 would be a great front

tire ( Maybe the bast) also but, I don't think you will like it in

back for the sand.

Tire page about the XR650R


i think there was some talk about this once...

i am digging the dunlop 952's these days...

I am trying a maxxis maxcross IT. I hear they hold up good, so far I like it. hard core racers might be more concerend with hookup, but I am after a tire that will last more than 200 miles.

Maxxis IT has my vote. I think the tire hooks up well and last allot longer then any other tire out there. I don't think I like the Maxxis for the front not sure which tire I like the best for the front yet.

Another happy maxxis IT user. Do a search, this topic has been beaten to death.

I,m riding on Dunlops 756 front and rear, They work great in the Oregon mud :banghead::banghead:

I'm currently using the Maxxis IT and it has lasted longer than anything I tried, and is still hooking up well. My favorite so far.


maxxis IT :banghead: The best rear i have found yet

dunlop desert AT

Out of the ones I tried this last summer:

The maxxis HT lasted the longest, and had decent traction doing it.

The Maxxis IT was a pretty ballanced tire, decent wear and pretty good traction.

The Maxxis Dessert IT was awesome. Its still on the bike right now (if I could ever get my freaking clutch cable and get a few more rides before the snow flies) Had awesome wear and really good traction everywhere I rode.

I was thinking of buying a Maxxis. I have had the m5b and it lasted good!! I will probly never ride the sand since there is no sand anywhere near where i live to ride in. I ride mostly rocks rock filled dirt and hard pack. My 650 is getting a steady diet of trail riding...

I was thinking of buying a Maxxis. I have had the m5b and it lasted good!!

If you think the M5B won't be buying another tire for a year after slapping the IT on there. :banghead:

However, I only see mud about once a year here in AZ. The IT has tight knobs and does not work well in the mud that you may have in Idaho.

Where i ride the mud isnt really too bad it is the hardpack that will kick you on your ass!!! As soon as it rains the dust turns into hardpack and it gets real slippery. And the rocks are all loose and sharp shale.

I'm also currently running the maxxis IT. So far its one of the longest lasting tires I've had. I ride my bike on numeros differant terrains, and heres what I've experianced:

On the trails I've really liked it, as long as the trails aren't too soft or muddy. The tire works really well for what it was designed for, and it lasts a long time too. But, I also do a fair amount of desert riding. In my experiances in the desert, it seems that the tire just wants to dig into the soft stuff, and not really hook up. It seems to either just dig, or spin.

A really good all around tire that I've found I've really liked over the years is the Michelin M12. Its a bit of a softer tire, and doesn't last as long, but it seems to do well in all terrains.

by the look of these boobs you might look in to a steel belted tire :lol::banghead::banghead:

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:banghead: SLICKS :banghead:

Another vote for the Maxxis IT for the rear. Once my tire with 1250 miles on it wears down further I have a new one ready to be mounted

Maxxis IT :banghead:

I also run the Dunlop 756 frt & rear. The rear end can wiggle a little, and I can deal with it, but the frt end needs to stick!

I've tried several tires in the rear, and some worked better then others, but in the front, I keep going back to the 756, it's been the best tire I've tried so far...

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