Tank Size on 650R

How does a 4.6 gallon tank feel compared to a stock or 3.2 gallon on a 650R? Upsizing to a 3.2 doesn't seem like much increase in range, however, I ride a lot of trails and don't want a big clummsy tank. What are thoughts on colors? Do the after market reds match Honda red, or better off going with natural or red?

I believe i have a 4.6 on my '01. Im not sure because it was on when I bought it. It is a red tank that matches perfect. I do alot of tight trails and the tank has never been an issue. They do a good job of making it seem smaller than it is, and I love the fact I only have to check my fuel once every couple of weeks!!

I also have the IMS 4.6 and am quite happy with the range it gives me. If I know I am not doing more than 50 miles I switch to my stock tank. I bought another fuel shut off valve from Service Honda so that both tanks are ready to bolt on, no fuss.

The two choices that stand out are the Clark 4.3 and the IMS 4.6. I have the red IMS 4.6 tank and feel the color matches perfectly and the size of the tank looks like great. Now if you want to talk about the looks of the Acerbis 7.0 now were talking butt ugly, but good for certain kinds of riding.

I have heard lots of great comments regarding the Clark tank and think you can't go wrong with either choice. I can get about 160 miles out of my tank and this allows for some great adventure rides without the concerns of running out of fuel.

I have to agree with you about the 3.2 tank. It hardly seems worth it to me. The price for the IMS is about $200 the Clark i understand is a little cheaper. If you do a search you can find some additional information which will hopefully help you in your decision of which tank to buy. Good Luck and like I said before you cant go wrong with either tank. :banghead:

I have the Clarke 4.3 on mine and the color is a perfect match. It gives me a range of about 120 miles until reserve. Much better than the stock 70 miles. I got mine for about $160 at my local Honda dealer. I had fit issues with IMS in the past, so I prefer Clarke. The larger size doesn't seem all that noticeable except for the extra weight in gas.

I've been in the market for a bigger tank for my piggy for sometime. Most of my research was from the Yahoo XR650R Group. It seems like the majority like the Clarke 4.3 the best in terms of fit and finish and color. As for riding size, I think on all but the biggest tanks the extra hangs down lower over the motor rather than adding to the width. I don't think you can really go wrong with either Clarke or IMS, but I think I'll go with a Clarke when I buy. Good luck.

I bought IMS clear 3.2 gal tank because that is only bigger tank that is not bulkier than stock Honda and volume is just right for organized dual sport rides. Only times I have run out of gas is due to rider error from bypassing a fuel stop. I prefer clear because gas level is always easy to see even in dusty, muddy, or low light conditions. I have borrowed an IMS 4.6 on adventure runs where we were not sure where we could get gas. Size of 4.6 is very noticeable compared to 3.2 but beats pushing.

I have the natural 4.6 IMS, and it is pretty good on range, i've done several 100+ mile rides and have as of yet hit the reserve.

I didn't really notice any difference between the stock and the 4.6 other then a bit more effort required for turns at high speed.

I have the IMS 3.2 and it actually holds 4 gals., it even says 4, where the seat hooks in. Don't know why they would do that, but ok. Rode with the 4.6, good for Mex. range but not so good in the woods.

I have the IMS 3.2 and it actually holds 4 gals. it even says 4, where the seat hooks in...

When I first bought my 3.2 IMS I very carefully measured gasoline at home and marked tank at each half gal increment. Mine took about 3.6 gallons to top off. I believe difference is in manufacturing variations and then gas pump meters are worthless for accuracy IMO.

I have gone on reserve many times and have also had to stop and slosh gas from one side of tank to petcock side several times but have only ran out totally once.

i run a clarke 4.3 natural and found that it makes the bike feel a little wider and easier to grip the weight difference between the tanks is minimal and if i am going on a short ride i just drain out a little fuel and being natural i always leave my petcock on reserve and when i run out there is always about 40 minutes worth of fuel on the left side of the tank which you can use as reserve. if you buy a colored tank it is difficult to see how much fuel you still have on the right side. if your not interested in bling i always recommend the natural tank. thats my two cents

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