Arrowhead, CA Ride

I am taking my new WR up to Arrowhead on Saturday 9/1 with a buddy on an XR400 to scout out the area for the enduro on 9/16. Anybody interested in joining us? I believe the general location is the "pinacles". Is anyone familiar with this area?


Nice area to ride, but watch out for other riders. Too many people on narrow trails with blind corners = head on collisions.

Directions to the Pinacles from Orange County:

215 (91) north to the Mountain Resorts Turn-Off (30)

30 to the 18 (Waterman)

18 to the Arrowhead Turn-Off (173)

Stay on the 173. It gets confusing at Arrowhead Villige, but just stay to the right and follow signs to the North Shore.

Go past the lake on the 173 and keep going past the gun range until the road turns to dirt. Just after it turns to dirt make a right of the first small road you come to. Go a few hundred feet and your there.


We plan on leaving Palmdale at about 6 am, so we should be there by 8 am. We will be in a red toyota xcab 4x4. If you want to meet us, do you have a place to meet?

Thanks for the info. Ron. We will be on the lookout.


If we are coming from Palmdale, it is closer to go up the back way by Silverwoods lake? For the race on 9/16 we will have a trailer. Suggestions on which way we should take the trailer? Thanks.

I may be interested in meeting you guys up there. Give me the time and details and I'll check into the likely hood of making it. I've been up in that area twice now. I've ridden through the pinnicles staging area but don't know how to actually get there.

Ron in SoCal knows the area like the back of his hand. If you have questions about the area get in touch with him.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Hi Chris.

I did not think about where you might be coming from, I just assumed it as Orange County. Duh. No two ways about it, a trailer is going to suck. If it's a big trailer than I would suggest the long way (as described earlier).

If it's a normal MC trailer than you can take the 138 past Silverwood Lake, but stay on the 138 to the 18, then take the 18/Arrowhead turnoff. The 138 to the 173 "back way" turns into a dirt road and is scary in my pickup. It is a lot shorter & faster, but its steep and twisty with nasty obstacles for a street pickup truck. Not good for a MC trailer.

Enjoy the ride!

Has anyone ever done the Checkpoint Enduro from Pinnacles before? The first time I entered was the year the area burned and they haven't run it there since.

Pinnacles is not a big area so I'm guessing it fills up quick. Where do you stage on how strict are rangers about riding along the access roads on a green sticker bike??


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I haven't ridden this one before (Checkpoint), but I understand there is a 300 participant and a 99 db limit. Also, either a red or green sticker will suffice ( I haven't been able to find an entry form yet though). Pre-entry is by 9/10.

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